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The advent, rise and popularity of the Pidgin English genre in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized, Pidgin English is the cultural virus that has eaten deep into our society and as been further propagated across Africa and the Diaspora.

Pidgin English formally regarded as the lingo for the down trodden and the uneducated in our society as today become the unofficially certified lingo across the Nigerian nation.

Laface the President and Executive Producer of Naija Honours stated that the popularity of Pidgin English cuts across, the barriers of religion, age, sex, tribe, profession etc. as exemplified by the general acceptance of Pidgin English based radio stations in Nigeria.

Naija Honours aims to further yield to the repeated calls for us as Nigerians to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Pidgin English as further emphasized by the overwhelming growth of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Laface further stated that the time has come for us as Nigerians to be proud of the uniqueness and Tourism values of Pidgin English and promote its celebration globally in our own way, as we divert the focus of the entire world on Nigeria. If the Jamaicans can globalize Patual we can also propagate Pidgin English to the delight of the entire world.

Naija Honours is a creative celebration of Pidgin English in every ramification with a strong Culture and Tourism objective.

Naija Honours aims to celebrate distinguished Nigerians from different works of life in a creative event model of strictly Pidgin English with a unifying Culture and Tourism twist.

The overwhelmingly successful maiden edition of Naija Honours took place amidst fun and paparazzi as guests, major entertainment stars and foreigners alike turned up in typical Naija style basking in a Euphoric flow of Pidgin English thus creating the need to further celebrate our own, in our way, the Naija way.

Laface opined that the long term vision of Naija Honours is to create the biggest and most popular indigenous event in Africa and the Diaspora.

Naija Honours will come home in 2015, thus creating a buzz amongst the south south states as the politicking to win the hosting rights for Naija Honours the biggest, most glamorous and first Pidgin English based event gathers momentum.

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