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AKODA ORO (2015)

CAST: Yinka Quadri, Bigval Jokotoye, Joke Jigan, Akorede Taiwo, Jeff Owolewa and kunle Sodunke

DIRECTOR: Afeez Balogun

SYNOPSIS: Two brothers fight themselves over a piece of land left to them by their father, the elder one tries to cheat his younger brother and the younger brother lets him have his way and he is favored when a telecommunications company buys his own plot, his elder brother kills him and tries to kill his son to acquire the land but he gets caught.


The story was a very nice one, but would have loved if there was more action, something stronger they were fighting for, I had problems with how the camera was telling the story there were some shots that weren’t necessary at all and there were a lot of unnecessary scenes that weren’t needed at all, some scenes that weren’t adding up at all. Make up and costumes were at an average, lightening was a little bit bad because it wasn’t creating the required mood, the lightening was so bad that there were plenty shadows sometimes in scenes that were shot during the day.

All in all I wished this movie had more actions, it was kinda draggy and boring with scenes that were expected or were unnecessary. The scripting of this movie wasn’t done well, if all these things were considered the movie would have been a great one.

I rate this movie 40%





CAST: iyabo ojo, Jaiye Kuti, Yomi Gold, femi Adebayo and bose alao Omotoyosi


SYNOPSIS: A wealthy woman had a problem no husband, no child, she goes to a church to seek spiritual help and she is told to fast and that she would meet a man who would be able to get her pregnant, she does that and the man happens to be her employees (Adeola’s)husband. She calls her employee and explains the situation to her, she reluctantly agrees to allow her boss sleep with her husband but she realizes that her husband was a cheat and dealt with him.


This movie was very interesting, the story was well written and I loved the fact that two stories were interwoven, the story had two parts about a desperate woman who needed a child to inherit her business empire (Jaiye Kuti) and a couple who pretend not to know and like each other at work but are married just because they needed to keep their jobs. Costumes and make up were okay, lightening and sound were perfect, I need to say the director of this movie was sensational and it was a beautiful movie. I will totally recommend this movie to anyone and because this movie has a lot of lessons to teach people out there

I rate this movie 80%


AJELE (2015)

CAST: Iyabo Ojo, Femi Adebayo, Kemi Afolabi, Funke Etti, Lateef Oladimeji, Victoria Kolawole

DIRECTOR: Adebayo Tijani


A notorious armed robber known as Ajele terrorizes the town and sees himself as invisible and that he cannot be caught, the police try to catch him but all their efforts are in vain because of his supernatural powers.


The movie had a beautiful story, but acting was flat, the lead Actor AJELE; his acting wasn’t convincing at all, people could tell he was being fake, had problems with some scenes though, they weren’t coordinated, but other actors did their job very well, to femi Adebayo, to iyabo ojo and kemi Afolabi they did a great job. But the movie has a second part and its edging to an interesting piece, the story is beautiful with someone who equates himself with God, make up and costumes were okay and lightening was at the average even sound because there were some points I couldn’t hear what they were saying but all in all the movie was good

I rate this movie 53%

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