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film chiomafilm chioma2film chioma5film chioma6film chioma7SYNOPSIS

Mirabel loves her husband and son and would have loved to live together with them but her job does not allow that. Painfully, she suspects that her husband is having an affair but couldn’t do anything about it due to distance and so she engages the help of her best friend, Kate to help her find out about the thieving woman. Kate begins a dramatic investigation inviting Mirabel back to town most of the time to see for herself the woman. In the end, Kate herself turns out to be the strange woman that wants to take over her friend’s husband.


MIRABEL/MIRA She is a Resource Person, calm, and Steve’swife. Play by Esther Audu STEVE- ——-A Counselor. Play by Frederick Leonard

NICK———-10 year old boy, child to Steve and Mirabel

GLENDA– —-Steve’s niece. Play by Vivien ike

KATE———-Mirabel’s best friend, play by Adaora ukoh

LILIAN-——-Mirabel’s friend Juliet Ibrahim 

MIKE– ——–Lillian’s husband ekanna igwe 

BEN———–Kate’s husband play by king joe

JANICE——-Kate’s niece 

CHRIS…Gigolo play by DKD

 Omos…His brother

JOJO…Steve’s in-law play by uche wuji 



  1. Mirabel Enejo

    May 15, 2015 at 2:07 PM

    Cnt wait 2watch dis! U go gurl! Weldone Esther Audu

  2. Precious (Sod person)

    May 16, 2015 at 7:58 AM

    Wonderful casting, Looking forward to view the Movie.
    All the best and May Good bless your effort.

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