My husband and i signed a life contract…he can’t divorce me-Adeola Adelowotan

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Actress, Adeola Adelowotan, popularly referred to as Iya Ibeji, in a recent interview with a ENCOMIUM, has debunked gossips that she has separated from her husband, asserting that her marriage is ‘intact’.

The Yoruba actress said: ‘I told you, I don’t have any problem with my husband. My husband stays in the UK but he’s around now. I never had any problem with him. I have not separated from him. My marriage is intact. We signed a life contract. I can’t part ways with my husband because he is the only love of my life. I can’t leave him and he can’t as well leave me. I have gotten four children for him. So, I don’t know why some people enjoy peddling unnecessary rumors’.

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