Genny Nnaji is not my Lover Uba Md Declares

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Malicious Online Campaign Against UBA GMD?


We can confirm that the allegation that the GMD of UBA Mr. Phillips Oduoza is involved with actress Genevieve Nnaji is an ‎online smear campaign, designed to blackmail UBA.


Our investigations show that a particular online publication has continued to push the story since last year, posting several versions of the story after each failed attempt to blackmail the bank in order to extort funds through forced advertisement.

According to the bank’s spokesman, Mr. Charles Aigbe, the online medium has gone ahead to post the fake story on after the last failed blackmail attempt.

“The story is pure fabrication. Mr. Oduoza is not involved with Genevieve Nnaji in anyway and we have repeatedly told this to them and advised to desist from pushing such wicked lies. We urge all to disregard this cruel attack on the person of Mr. Oduoza” said Mr. Aigbe.

“As a global institution, we see the media as partners and have been very supportive in numerous funding, advertising and capacity building initiatives. This spiteful attempt will not deter us from continuing to partner with responsible media practitioners and organizations. We are a law abiding institution and will therefore take legal action against this online publication (s) and any other media/platform that allows itself to be used to spread these lies” Mr. Aigbe further disclosed.gennyr

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