i am not dating Dende and Sen Teslim Folarin wasilat coded Declares in special bbm bc

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This is the Bc she sent on her bbm today

My ppl I great una oooo, My senior colleague I Hail u all ({}) nd to my junior colleague all I do nd say is Togetherness to d TOP!!! But a lot baffles me in dis industry dat is y I remain #1womanMopol# for life, I am sending dis BC to call ur attention to my DP nd to officially announce dat ‘I am not dating DENDE’ I have never Dated him we don’t even have Rapour , I praised him in my ‘Wasila Coded’ all becos of his good gesture towards my Boss nd Broda ‘Murphy Afolabi’ and I am saying up till now DENDE didn’t give a dime!!! As for Teslim Folarin I don’t know him nd I haven’t meet him in person!!! I didn’t attend any political Rally in ibadan atall and as for my CAR, I acquired it wit my Hard earned Money wit d help of a good Samaritan dat doesn’t know anyone in dis our industry!!! Any way I just send BC to as a warning Sign to Whoever it may concerns to stop d Act of ‘IBANIJE’ if u don’t know hw I am leaving my life dat doesn’t give u d Right to start cooking up lies in other to spoil my personality….dat is y I don’t do too much clinching , I don’t go up nd down in group, I don’t have clique nor caucus!!! Let me be o, I don’t wanna turn too Controversial Actor o, I have just my GOD nd trust me he is sufficient for me!!! I Remain my humble self Adebimpe Amoke Akintunde aka OMOTODUN WASILA CODED OMOELEJA!!! Pls rebc till it gets to Awon Abanije of ANTP or TAMPAN!!!!!! Love for all Hatred for none!!!

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