Movie Ambassadors React to BON’s Post about Saidi Balogun

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Sequel to our last week publication about the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria and the Antics of their front liner, Ambassador Saidi Balogun; some of the loyalists and ardent members of the association have reacted to these controversies. Check these out…

“The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria is indeed a noble association and I am proud to be a member, in fact a founding member and the General Secretary of the association.
My advice to the administrators or managers to this blog is to at least exhibit a bit of decorum while trying to make up stories about an association that is established by law.
Rather than peddle lies and rumours with clandestine motives, I will advise that the managers of this blog align their grievances more appropriately; please Mr Seun Oloketuyi/Best of Nollywood who were you paid to run down? Mr Saidi Balogun or TGMAN?
For the public and movie practitioners who would like to know more about TGMAN, its benefits and code of ethics please contact [email protected], [email protected] or call 08033527888.

“Whoever is behind this story must be insane,in fact he is a devil incarnated person.Am sure u never consulted the accused person b4 breaking this ungodly new to d world, This can only happen in Nigeria. Its high time u learn’t how to separate an individual from an Association because you are sounding like d whole association committed d crime.”

It is pertinent to mention that all efforts to reach Saidi Balogun to hear his side of the story proved abortive as he neither took his calls nor return text.
At some other time that we needed correspondence, we reached his office with our letter, which was not acknowledged or replied.
We would at every point stick to the code of Conduct of our profession. Every party has a right to fair hearing and we would oblige everyone that opportunity. Thanks.

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