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When the name Adeleye Aisha Atinuke a.k.a Sexy Yisha is mentioned, it might not ring a bell, but if you have seen flicks such as Sheddy Menthol, 1million boys, Nurse Oyinda, Omonikara, Si gbogbo Okunrin, Obiripo, Baba soldier and so on then you would unarguably have noticed the acting prowess of this light skinned ‘green horn’. Bestofnollywood.tv recently caught up with this actress and we had this incisive and juicy interview; Enjoy excerpts.

Talk about your foray into the Industry

I joined the industry in 2004; I have done a few jobs since then. I did movies such as 1million boys, Baba soldier, Nurse Oyinda, Omonikara, Si gbogbo Okunrin, Obiripo and some have not been released yet. But the good news is I will be producing my own movie this month, the movie will be directed by Odunlade Adekola, and the Location will be in Lagos. The Working title is ‘Sexy Khadijat (SK)’.

How did you get funds to sponsor your forthcoming project?

It wasn’t easy putting funds together I must confess. But with the help of friends, family and from my business, I was able to pull resources together.

Lets talk about ‘Sexy Khadijat’, what should the viewer’s expect differently from the job and why the choice of Adekola Odunlade as the proposed Director?

‘Sexy Khadija’ (Sk) is a must watch movie when its finally ready for screening, it’s a story of some girls on the fast lane. There’s a lot to pick as morals from the movie. I chose Odunlade Adekola to direct because he is the closest of all the guys in the industry to me. He is my bestie. And of course he is a good director.

Sexy Yisha with Odunlade

Sexy Yisha with Odunlade

Since you are a graduate of Mass Communications, why did you decide to do film making instead of Broadcasting or other genres of the media?

I have always wanted to study Theater Arts but my dad refused so i chose a course closer to it. So I’m doing what i prefer now. My course in School was for my daddy (Laughs).

As customary for Yoruba movie practitioners to learn theater and film making as an apprentice, who was your own ‘Oga’ that brought you into the industry?

When i was in school, i was a member of the Theater Arts group. I join them for performances then, i remember Odunlade was once invited to Orientate the theater students. Then my passion for acting developed. I started acting through my sisters friend Funke Akindele. My first movie ever was ‘Etaanu’. And now I’ve joined Odunlade Adekola Film production, OAFP to learn more about theater and film making.

What is the biggest gossip you have heard about yourself?sexy aisha take

‎Hmmm. I think it wasn’t really a big deal, but it was that I was dating my bestie Odunlade Adekola. But the truth is we are only close. The first gist was that I was dating Aremu AFOLAYAN now it’s Odunlade.

But in every rumor there are element of facts don’t you think.

Yea, but in this case no element of fact. The only reason they feel so is because they see us together always and we take pictures too. But if they feel there is more to it then so be it.

What do you think is the reason most actors beef themselves in the industry?

‎I don’t know why people always mention ‘beefs’ in the industry, it’s natural for human beings to grouse. ‎Anybody can beef anybody. Most times the major reason is because you think some people are doing well than you.

If you enter a room and find your best friend and boyfriend pants down, how will you handle it?

Are you for real? I will be so disappointed. But I will not react over there because it might be too much to handle later. But the truth is i forgive easily but on this case, I’m not so sure. Both the friendship and relationship are all over. It’s not worth fighting for‎.

Who are your role models in the industry and Hollywood?
‎I have quite a few, Antar ‘Laniyan, Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe, Iyabo Ojo, Omotola Jolade and Desmond Eliot. And in Hollywood Chris Evans, Late Paul walker and Kerry Washington.

What kind of Role are you looking forward to taking in the course of your Acting career?

I can accept any role so far I don’t need to get naked in it. I’m cool with it.

sexy aisha on set

Sexy Yisha on Set

Final words to your fans

I love them all. And will always do.

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