Does Boobs implantation and Bleaching make you a Star?

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bleach10bleachingSEUNMANUEL FALEYE

Let me start by placing an open apology to those that this article might hit hard; please accept my sorry beforehand. This is just me thinking aloud.

First and foremost, I would wish to get your honest answer on this question “What qualifies a person to becoming a “star”? Is it rolling in the social circle of the “class of stars”, “the fast cars” “The trendy dress sense” “Light skin” “Firm or better still big boobs and Asses”, or does appearing in one or two Nollywood flicks  add to your cap the ‘Star’ feather.                           bleach3bleach4

Apparently, some people have their idea of what admits them into the class of ‘Stardom’ in the entertainment industry.

For the Ladies, once you bag a supporting role in one or two movies, the next is to go for some skin whitening cosmetic therapy and get some breast sorry boobs and butt enlargement. Then you’re welcome to the bleach2class of the stars!

The topic of skin whitening (Bleaching) has become so monstrous in the entertainment bleach1industry.

The show biz generally is characterized by glitz, glamor and the larger than life. The stars of the entertainment industry are public figures who try to put up a posture of perfectionism. They tweak the psyche and fantasy of fans. The favorite star you see on TV, read about on the cover page of glossy Magazine issues, suddenly become the yard stick for your dream man and bleach6woman.

It is a common place for these public figures to think of themselves as super human who has the world under their feet because of the paparazzi that comes with being a celebrity. They just want to ‘get it right’ with complexion, figure, accent, and what have you. Most simply get lost in the Razzmatazz that comes with the make believe industry, that they themselves begin to lead a fake life. The life of the gold, expensive jewelries, fake skin, implanted boobs and Asses and what have you.

The truth be told, it is only a mediocre thespian that is below par that puts up all of these facades to cover up for what they lack in the brain. Suffice to say that it has also been psychologically proven that it is mostly those that have a thing with inferiority complex that places priority on these ‘Window dressing’.

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