Uti Nwanchukwu Fights Tough with His Debtors

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Actor and TV host, Uti Nwanchukwu this morning loosed his cool on twitter as he vented his anger on those who are owing him due to services he rendered in the past.

See what the Dread locked Delta state born wrote; “This country will make you rant until you sound like a crazy person. You file a petition against criminals for using your images and soon after, you realize that you still have unpaid invoices. Why do rich people gate to part with their money but love to brag about trusting them?

“You trust someone to fulfill their part; the so called rich big man and his family dodge your calls like 419 people! If you sue now, they’ll come at you and call you all sorts of names. This is why Rihanna had to sing that song, ‘b!t*h better have my money!”

Some of these big families think that deception, scheming and manipulation of the highest degree, wickedness and ruthlessness is the way to amass wealth. Good for them when they try it with, but when you try to make a Jesus boy your victim, one thing is for sure, you won’t go free!

You don’t joke with someone’s means of livelihood and expect to go free without consequences! My word, both the poor and rich are corrupt.”

Uti further said, “Very soon, I shall start to print names and faces of people that owe and run so that all their potential business partners shall know and flee. You don’t take entertainers seriously, but we are the first you run to when you have events! Will you disregard your supplier the same way?

It’s never about the money because by God’s grace, it will never diminish. It’s about integrity, it’s about trust, it’s about people thinking they smart. It’s time to put people in their places and it starts now.”


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