I Can Act Nude If It Enhances The Story – Edwin Princess

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Fair-skinned actress, Edwin Princess, is a fast-rising actress in Nollywood. She was born in Anambra  State but  lived in Austria until she relocated to Nigeria to pursue her acting career. Edwin Princess has starred in movies like ‘The Birds’, ‘Ibu’s Wedding’ amongst others. She was recently on a movie location in Festac Town, where she starred alongside Eze Nwora George,  Ginika Maureen  and others in her latest movie. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her life, career and more.

When did you start acting?

I ventured into Nollywood  in 2013.

What role did you play in the movie you’re currently working on?edwin princess

I played the role of a wife, a woman who is good but is having a bad experience from her in-laws and other people. I was able to have babies for my husband but sadly they kept dying one way or the other. It was a very challenging role for me.

How many movies have you featured in so far?

I’ve done ‘Sacrifice for Marriage’, ‘Ibu’s Wedding’ with Mr Ibu, Global Updates  ’89 Days In Bondage’, Sparco which is on air and Ulo Mbasa, a soap on DSTV. So far, we’ve been working, we can’t relent on our efforts and I expect more to follow.

What has been your most challenging role in a movie?

My most challenging role was actually in a movie I did with Global Update. It was really challenging because they had to take me somewhere in Badagry and I had to jump from one hill to the other. It was challenging because I’m not an athletic person. I saw myself jumping up and down from one tree to another, running in the bush even on a wet day. It was challenging for me. My second challenging role is Ulo Mbasa, the Igbo soap on air now, where I cheated on my husband.

Have you ever played a sexy role in a movie?

I have, I did it with Ezenwora George in a movie called ‘The Birds’. I think that was my first sexy role in a movie, because I wasn’t expecting him to kiss me and then he just grabbed me and kissed me.

Can you go nude in a movie?

I can actually do anything as long as it adds meaning to the story. When you talk about nude, there has to be a connection. You don’t just go nude because you want to pull off your clothes. It means you have to be interpreting a role, a serious minded role that can wow viewers. I can go extra miles to perfect my job and my career but not just go nude because I need to go nude. It has to really go along with the story and be meaningful.

What more should people expect from Edwin Princess?

They should expect good works and appreciate what I’m offering, because I’ve just started to learn and I hope to give them my best in the nearest future.


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