Judith Audu Joins League of Inspiring Women In The World Courtesy ‘Poland Television’

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Nollywood actress, blogger and OAP, Judith Audu Foght has joined the league of inspiring women in the world courtesy of a Poland Television Programme entitled: “Women at the End of the World” She was the first Nigerian protagonist of the programme.
According to a statement issued by Judith Audu Production, Audu Foght had the company of the host of the show Martyna Wojciechowska and the crew for three days during which they took their cameras into her home where they had sessions with her and her family.judith releasejudith release1
In addition to that the crew recorded Audu Foght on locations during her radio show on Igroove Radio and on the movie set of Niji Akinmolayan, while they also had interviews with her on some of the work she has done in the past especially her short film commentary on domestic violence with the title : “Not Right”

The statement quoted Wojciechowska, who is also chief editor of the Polish edition of “National Geographic” and “NG Traveler” magazines as saying of Judith Audu: “What was interesting for me was that she decided to do a movie about domestic violence and to fight for women’s rights. I think that it is very important to also educate people through movies and Judith definitely is doing that. She is well known, she has a great radio programme which I had an opportunity to take part in and it was unbelievable.” She went on to describe the Nigerian actress as an incredible and energetic person.

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Women at the End of the World is a travel program broadcasted by Polish Television station TVN since 2009. In each episode of the programme, Martyna Wojciechowska lead her crew to visit another country with the aim of revealing the fate of women who live in it. The journalist presents a unique story of an amazing heroic woman and show their daily life in their country.

Before coming Nigeria, the host has taken such extraordinary journeys to 35 countries, representing over 56 exceptional women! She met with Shaolin fighter, Iranian footballer, princess from Tokio, kangaroo mother from Australia and many more.

The programme is viewed in Poland, France, Sweden, Japan, e.t.c.

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