Actress Ope Aiyeola- Everyone Knows the truth…Babasuwe Impregnated me

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We bring to you the reaction of ex London sojourner, actress Ope Aiyeola on the raging storm of how Baba Suwe impregnated her. Please read her response from excerpts from her interview granted Yeyedeysmell.

No one harasses me, but they express themselves; and you know people express themselves differently. So, I no longer see it as s*xual harassment.

It was said that Baba Suwe got you pregnant and your husband threatened to divorce you?
Okay nah! There is no air to clear.
People know the truth.
So, you never dated Baba Suwe?      baba suwe
All I can say is people know the truth.

On a lighter note, what did your hubby say attracted you to him?
My beauty of course.
Beauty and not intelligence?
Well, what the eyes see comes first before other things.
What’s the most priceless asset that you possess?
That would be my salvation.


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