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Nollywood sweetheart, Rita Dominic stars alongside cosmetically aged Joseph Benjamin in the movie Iyore, and the chemistry between them was amazing! Iyore is a really good watch and aside the 25% subscription discount iROKOtv is giving, here is why you should see this movie:

Iyore org. takeCostume is on point:

The costumes are striking, with a full display of customs and traditions of the Bini people. If you have never been to Benin and you want to know what their attire looks like, just watch Iyore.

Picture quality:

The picture is crisp, complete with really beautiful sceneries.

Iyore org5rita iyore ben

Notable performances:

Rita Dominic brings a lot of glamour to this movie. The other star actors performed incredibly well too – Joseph Benjamin, Paul Obazele, Okawa Shaznay, Bukky Wright and Yemi Blaq.

The Plot:iyore take takeiyore use

It is a mythical tale set around the ancient Benin Kingdom and tells a story of life after life. It explores a tragic love story centered on the rich culture of pre-colonial Benin through to the present day Benin whilst exploring the supernatural ideas of reincarnation.

Interested in watching IYORE? Go watch it HERE

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  1. Tony

    June 25, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    Thank you for this link..i heard a lot about this film already.

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