I Don’t Joke With my Family…Omotola’s Husband,Captain Matthew Speaks

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Obviously, Captain Matthew, the husband to Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekehinde is enjoying his matrimony.

Captain Matthew, has called on parents to try to create time and pay attention to their families.

Captain Matthew posited that, it is not necessary that there is a celebration before he gives his family a treat because they are the best and most important thing to him now.

He opined that whatever parents does to their children while growing, will always linger in their memories when they grow up and as such the utmost love, care and appreciation should be shown to the kids.
In collaborating his love for children and family get together, the pilot had some years back established a resort centre in Badagry called ‘Aquatic Jungle’ where family, friends can come to hangout to enjoy things nature has to offer which is another form of family reunion.omot with mat

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