I’ll Date Kalu Ikeagwu Again If He Were Younger -Alex Okoroji

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Alex Okoroji, Nollywood screen diva and talk show Host in a recent interview made her statement on several controversial issues. On posing or acting nude in front of the camera, the actor who went main stream after participating in the maiden edition of the popular reality show, Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO), 2005 said: Honestly, I don’t know. Why do I say so? I believe in expression. I believe every actor should be professional and committed to their art. If a good quality script demands an actor to perform a nude scene that adds value to the content or to the overall structure of its art, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. It’s all make-believe. Art is universal…. and we shouldn’t let culture cheapen it.

About if she would date her ex-lover, Kalu Ikeagwu, again; Yes! The right way this time, with all the other complicating factors out of the picture. He’ll probably be younger, I’ll probably be wiser. It will be a different time and place and our goals will be in sync. I loved him…still do in my own little way. The daughter of chief Tony Okoroji told NewTelegraph.

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