Caroline Danjuma Deal with your low self Esteem -Fan

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Delectable actor cum producer Caroline Danjuma, fought dirty with some of her Instagram handle followers this morning.

The Billionaire wife in one of her posts had earlier said she would be 30 in few years which made some of her fans cry out and asked her to stop the lies. They were of the opinion that people who lie about their age are people who feel they have not achieved much in life. Then Caroline went on to make an ID post to prove she was born in 1987 and she is actually 28.  See her post…caro1 Her followers not satisfied came after her telling her to deal with her inferiority complex. Caroline who had earlier munched some of her responses to her fans then made it a new post on her page saying they should consider it a privilege that she opened an instagram page for them to know more about her…


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