Christianity Does not Forbid my Acting Career-Actress Eucharia Annuobi

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Thespian cum Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has posited that her found faith and calling  does not stop her from acting because that is what pays her bills.

The Screen diva said acting is her source of income and does not have the intention to quit the profession because of her calling as a minister of God.

The Actor also remarked that Christianity does not forbid anyone from working. She disclosed that Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life.

“Acting is my source of income. I cannot abandon my career because I have to make a living. Being an actor, just like being a footballer, does not stop you from serving Christ. Christianity is not religion; it is a lifestyle; how you live and treat people, obey the word of God, etc,” she told Cameroon Tribune in an interview.

The actor further stressed, “Being a pastor does not stop me from accepting roles. If I don’t continue to act films, it means I will go hungry.

“However, if there are stories that don’t add value to society, I won’t be part of them. But if they educate and entertain, then, I have no problem, even if it means playing the role of an armed robber, pr0stitute, etc. This is all about passing on a message to correct things that go wrong in society.”

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