My Parent supports my marriage to IK Ogbonna- Sonia Morales,

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IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales who recently signed the dotted lines, have been basking in the euphoria of matrimony. The couple had welcomed a son recently they christened ‘Ace’. Sonia Ogbonna who has been flaunting her sexy post baby body on social media revealed the secrets of her relationship with the Actor.

mr n mrs sonia

When asked how she feels now as a newly married woman, Mrs. Sonia Ogbonna said;

“The nature of our relationship didn’t change by the fact we are officially married now. At the end of the day,its only a paper, but at the other hand you know how people decide to marry these days because of so many different reasons that doesn’t include love – because they think they are “not getting any younger” or they getting pressured by society, because of interest or out of long relationships where love and passion vanished but marriage seemed like only logical step to take etc, so to be honest with you I feel so proud and fulfilled that I choose to marry who I want and when I wanted. Love is blessing.”

She also talked about having a child first before marriage stating that for her, its the most beautiful feeling she had ever experienced.
“Having a child as a product of honest, selfless love is the most beautiful feeling ever,there is special unbreakable bond between 3 of us . Priceless.”

When further inquired to know her family’s reaction when she decided to settle for an Igbo guy as life partner, the pretty diva hinted that IK had since won the love of her parents with his kind heart, thus convincing them to give her hand in married to him.

“My family doesn’t categorise people based on where they coming from . We all know that there are good and bad people everywhere,no matter ethnicity,skin color,religion etc. My parents love Ik too much,he is like a son to then because he has amazingly big heart and because he is a being super-good man to me and super loving n carrying dad to our child. Every normal parent is happy with their children’s happiness,” she told NFC.

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