PIRACY: How Hon. Desmond Elliot was Embarrassed In Lagos Traffic

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Film maker cum politician, Desmond Elliot, has disclosed how he was embarrassed recently by boys who hawk pirated copies of movies in the Lagos traffic.

Honorable Desmond said, he was stuck in traffic and a CD seller spotted him and stopped by his car to flaunt the pirated CDs he was selling for about 15 minutes.

Hon. Desmond took a plunge and decided to confront the CD seller, instead of running he simply stood his ground and told our darling Desmond to call police to arrest him.

He remarked, “I was so upset, I came down from my car took those pirated CD’s off him. Like it was in the movies, then Bobo told me to call police if I wanted to arrest him. OK that threw me off balance,” .



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