PHOTO: Gutter Boy BabaTee Repackaged Bustline Yetunde Oduwole’s Top For New Lover As Gift! Thief!

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A big Thank you to our reliable source! Who sent in these photos to our team of media associates.Not so long ago, he was showing off his new ‘Banana’ as he shamelessly puts it. No qualms with that, in fact we are happy for him to have found his class!
The latest development on this nollywood slum boy Popuparly known as babatee, has broken the record for world cheapest dude.

babatee1The world cheapest dude can’t afford to take his new lover on a decent eat out meal not to talk of quality shopping. He decided to pick one of his ex-lover, Award winning Bustline Yetunde Oduwole’s top…. He repackaged it, and shamelessly presented it to his new banana as a gift.
Trust women. Just check out the new banana below, she wore it with pride & smiles. As you can see..
The photos below tell the whole story. Please before some morons begin to drop nasty comments, about the top not being the only one in the market. Let’s warn you, this story is not one of the general copy & Paste posts. This is a confirmed story!
As for the new Madam babaTee, hopefully you are reading this, we got no words for you for the moment.
However, Bustline Yetunde Oduwole was quoted to have said
This new development of him giving my clothes to his so called wife is crazy. What would he have told her?




That he bought it for her? This is alarming!” – Bustline Yetunde Oduwole I’m too busy with my project to bother about them. If they need more clothes to wear; I can gladly give them because I can see that they are in need. The husband still wears the clothes I bought for him so if the wife now wears my clothes; good luck to both of them. Perhaps you should tell him to come and pack his rags in my house or I bin them because they are occupying space. – Bustline Yetunde Oduwole.




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