SheBaby-The Way I Dress Does Not mean I Am Promiscuous

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Seyi Ariyo, popularly known as SHEBABY knows she is controversial; howbeit she has been able to use it to her advantage, increasing her fan base. The light skinned thespian is set to roll out drums, gathering colleagues, friends and fans to mark her 15 years sortie into the entertainment industry. In this interview with Seunmanuel Faleye, she bears it all on her career so far, how she handles controversies and a lot more. Enjoy excerpts from the chat… shebaby2

Preparation for your 15years anniversary is in upbeat, what are the details going into the preparations and what should we expect from the event?

A whole lot is going into the event in terms of preparations. There are going to be performances by the likes of Obesere, Pasuma and so on. And we have our Co-operate Sponsors too like Pepsi, Unilever, G.S.K, Big Kola, Solink, Astorial Foods and so on. A whole lot of cooperate sponsors are going to be identifying with us on that day.

Is this going to be the regular Asoebi celebration?

Ofcourse there will be Asoebi. The reason for choosing Asoebi is for the purpose of uniformity, we want to see the fashion and styles of our guests (celebrities). We want people to see how beautiful they all look on traditional attire. The Asoebi will not degrade or reduce the value of the programm in anyway.

Looking back now how will you define your career so far in the last fifteen years and what are the basic lessons you have picked?

So far so good, there have been a lot of challenges along the line, I started in 1998, but professionally in the year 2000. There has been so many challenges, so many ups and downs; I have had both positive and negative part of the entertainment industry. I keep growing stronger and getting better by the day. I have been able to produce eleven movies and to my credit five music albums in succession.shebaby1

Have you had anytime you felt like backing out of Entertainment? What challenges have you had to cope with as a film maker.

Asides the problem of piracy, the last fifteen years has been great. If not for the passion I have for this business I would have dropped a long time ago, because it’s not like one is actually making a huge amount of money from it, but because of the passion and for the fact that I just want to be relevant and just want people (My fans) to keep seeing my work. I’m into entertainment because its my passion and it gives me joy. So anytime I have a bad experience, I just shake it off and move on.

What informs your style?

Basically my mood affects my style. Most of the time it is my mood that determines my mode of dressing. Sometimes I just dress to impress; everyone does that. I dress to stair up news, just get people talking. One thing people should just understand is that the fact that you dress in a particular way does not mean you are promiscuous. I just love to express myself. I know how to use controversy to my advantage. It works for me as a brand, not everyone can handle it.

What Are you working on at the moment

My next job is “Itara Ife”, there has never been anything like that before in the industry. It’s a full length feature film Pantomime. It is a movie with no dialogue, no subtitle, no narration and it is a one hour thirty minutes movie, trust me you will get value for your money when you watch it, we have the likes of Femi Adebayo, myself and other stars in it. That’s my latest work.

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