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Actor cum Nurse, Regina Askia, has aired her opinion over the tearful video that Babatunde Bernard aka Baba Tee released to the internet of his Ex-lover Yetunde ‘Bustline’ Oduwole.

Bustling and Baba Tee have been at daggers drawn since their relationship crashed few months ago. Shortly after the video was made public, Baba Tee responded to Bustline’s comments and curses on him in an exclusive interview with E24-7 Magazine where he alleged that she stalked him and begged him to go out with her

US based Regina Askia, who is now a nurse took to her Facebook page to take her stance ”

 “I usually do not comment on people’s private issues but I have been following with growing trepidation a video of a dear friend of mine in her lowest moments. When it was posted on FB it became a public issue. My friend had sent a tearful heartfelt message to the then love of her life months back….. Mind you naked face no wig …. A just as I am video. Okay if her heartfelt message did not hit home was it justified for the guy to release it on face book? Not only that, I am reading interviews granted by him cursing her out talking about her private parts and revealing her private life on face book? As if that was not enough his current heart throb is granting interviews calling my friend all kinds of names and posting photos of bank tellers where her boo is sending money to only God knows where.

This started out as a cute crying video but the responses by parties involved is gutter level. Mortification is what I’m feeling right now wondering “when will these stop”? Is this how women are supposed to empower each other? Is this how a man honors a woman whom he once claimed to love? Do we understand that there are children in this picture who can read and how do we expect kids who once looked up to a man to feel after they read this by him about their mom. My friend here is no Johnny just come. She is a respected PR guru who has cut her teeth on the job. Her organization recognizes and celebrates excellence by everyday people around the world. She must be celebrated and not diminished. Recognize and appreciate greatness thus pave the way to yours.

I am calling an immediate stop to this embarrassment. This is when we all as mothers and sisters who know parties involved need to shut it down real quick. There are things women must not say to each other within the boundaries of self-control and respect. Take those video off and shut this down. Thank you.”

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