Iya Awero – I wish My Late Husband were Alive to witness my Success

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Graceful Nollywood mum, Lanre Hassan, mostly known for her on screen name as Iya Awero, has said in spite of her achievements in her career spanning over 50 years, she would be more fulfilled if her husband were alive to share her success with her.
Describing her late husband as a patient and understand man, Iya awero described remarrying as having to starting all over again.
In her words, “I didn’t see any cause to remarry because doing that means I have to start all over again. I already have children and I just decided to focus on them. Having another marriage might lead to neglecting of my children, and I didn’t want that.”
“Even when I lost two children while shooting and had people saying all sort of things, like spiritual attack, we didn’t believe in that, because my God is sufficient enough,” she told The Nation.

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