The Only Sex i Understand Is Between a man And Woman…-Genny Uzoma

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The name Genny Uzoma might not ring a bell yet in nthe Nollywood circle, but if you have seen movies such as birthday bash, the vendor, ,Iquos journal, You and I , Husbands of Lagos et al. you would have noticed the dexterity with which this actor interprets roles flawlessly. In this interview with Seunmanuel Faleye, she talks her foray into Nollywood, experience so fare and a whole lot more. Enjoy excerpt.

Who is Genny Uzoma?

Genny Uzoma is from Imo state Mbaitoli LGA. I’m the second child in a family of six. I’m a graduate of Political science. I Love literature everything arts. I am an Actress, Model and entrepreneur.

 When precisely did you come into the movie industry and How?

 I came into the industry in 2005. ‎It all started like a joke actually. While i was in the university, i registered with the Actors guild of Nigeria Enugu chapter. Acting fascinated me as i grew up watching lots of movies especially Bollywood movies.I wanted to act too. I felt I could do it and my zeal and enthusiasm grew in leaps and bounds.

Though i left the industry for six years to serve the country and work for a corporate organization. ‎Before I left I starred in movies like best of the game, Unbended knees, Lumba boys, Try and See, Eyes of the gods, eagles bride, royal doom etc

Why did you return into the industry after Six years away, do you think Acting pays enough for one to earn a living by it?genny uzo1

I came back to the industry because I always knew i’d be back. I love being a practicing thespian, being on the entertainment scene. I’m happier here and life is way too short not to be happy. Acting isn’t paying my bills right now but I’m certain it will soon. It’s always safer to have a business on the side to keep afloat which I do. ‎I came back for the passion I’ve got for the industry, making money will be an added bonus.

With the plethora of great actors that have flooded the industry already what do you think stands Genny out?

That’s easy -my talent personality, charisma, sense of humor even my flaws make me stand out because no one is perfect .I’m also very persistent. If u can’t stand the heat, get the hell outta the kitchen please. I take directions well and I love to learn.

Who are your friends and allies in d industry? 

I’m friendly with those I come across, I don’t form or have cliques. I’m cool with everyone.

Can you marry a fellow actor?

Ermm well if God wills it but i’d much rather someone in another field . Actors are narcissistic and egotistic. Wow! hold up..Did I just say that? Hush my mouth. (Fumes)But that’s the truth.

Do you think controversy help builds a career?

Yes I think so .They say no publicity is bad publicity. A director recently told me I must have my own scandal alongside my talent and networking skills to grow. And I remember thinking to myself ‘ I thought scandals and controversy was something to shy away from.

‎Don’t misconstrue my words ‘I don’t mean I’ll be deliberately creating controversies.  ‎I mean if stuff happens or has already happened, instead of crying i’d use it to my advantage like Kim K. (Laughs)

What’s your take on same sex marriage?

 Woww that’s a delicate topic. I don’t understand it nor will I ever will but to each their own. I don’t understand gaydom or bisexuality or transgender or Anything that isn’t heterosexual. To each their own really.

By You don’t understand are you supposing you’re not sexually aware yet as an Adult?

Noo that’s not whatt am saying. ‎It’s wrong to me, wrong in the eyes of the Lord but well, what do I know. What I’m saying is i don’t understand how two men can Have sex. I don’t have that kind of orientation. It’s all shades of wrong to me.Genny uzo2

Will you take a role to act nude ?

Baring it all? Nehi..i’m an African lady. There are ways sex scenes can be made believable without having to act nude. Acting is make-believe after all. ‎I’ll discuss with the director and producer and if they insist on showing all the flesh, then I’ll turn the script down due to creative differences. ‎Other scripts will come in I’m not in a hurry. Like I said if we have creative differences and I try to reason with the producer/ director….the long and short is I’m not going fully nude…I’ve got family and friends that will be mighty disappointed.

You sound very moral, what was growing up like for you?

Growing up was normal actually. Christian family though I kinda grew up too fast at a point. I graduated at 20.

Anything to expect from Genny in this Second Half of the year?

Good quality movies I’ve done still in post production stage. To be released and to shoot more and delve into other aspects of film most probably.

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