Ramsey Nouah- My Wife is better than Other women

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Nollywood frontline actor, Ramsey Noauh, has commended his wife Emike, for being responsible for sustaining their marriage spanning several years.

Ramsey eulogized her for tolerating him no matter what he does without washing their dirty linen in public.

According to him “She is a double woman. She is not an ordinary woman I must confess. A lot of women can’t take what my wife takes from me so I call her a double woman. In fact, she is a triple woman so I must give it to her. She deserves an award, I mean tones of awards. I tell other woman when they lament ‘oh my God, your wife is trying putting up with you.’ I tell them ‘yeah, that’s why she’s better than you.’ We have three lovely kids now.” He told told The Sun newspaper

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