AYO ADESANYA – Even Though My Marriage Failed , I still believe In Love

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Screen diva Ayo Adesanya took the month of July rolling out drums to celebrate her 20th anniversary in the movie industry at age 45.

The actress whose marriage hit the rock with her former husband, film maker Goriola Hassan, explained that thought her marriage didn’t work out she still believed in love.

When asked if she could marry again, Ayo said;

“When people ask me that question, they just get me confused. Fine, God said we should come to the world, get married and multiply but you know what? I’m beginning to think marriage is not for the whole world. It’s not everybody that agrees to that because these days, people are getting so hostile. People fall in love; it’s not as if you don’t find love but does it really last?

You keep wondering that today they’ve broken up, tomorrow they’ve broken up; it’s not a good thing really. When you’re asking me if I’m going to get married again, I’m not God because you really can’t play God when it comes to what is going to happen.

Tomorrow, I might just meet somebody that would sweep me off my feet, so it’s not as if I’m closing the door totally. God is the owner of my life, so if he says okay, this is what he wants. But then, it doesn’t mean you cannot be happy if you’re not married.

I want the coming generation to be happily married, I want them to settle, I want them to believe in love, I want them to have a peaceful life and a peaceful home; I encourage it. Because I’m not married does not mean that I do not understand what love is, I know what love is, I know what romance is, I understand it so well” she told Potpourri .

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