I Have Been Wooed by a Lezbian Before – Seyi Edun

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Budding talent Seyi Edun a.k.a Eja Nla who has pitched her tenth in the Yoruba Movie sub-sector of Nollywood, is one delight to behold on screen anytime. The actress who shares a nickname with popular AfroPop star D’banj in a recent interview with bestofNollywood.tv talks her plans for the remaining of 2015.

“I am working on shooting two movies before the year runs out. The first is Black Wednesday but the other has not been titled yet.“

Seyi on whether she shares the opinion that controversy helps an actor build a brand, she said,

“It’s true controversy makes you a popular brand. But for someone like me, I’m from a respectable family. I wouldn’t want to do what will tarnish my family name. At least when they goggle your name, it should be good stuffs they read about you.

Although as celebrities, we are not perfect, we should always pretend to be perfect. For instance, I as a person I don’t smile all the time, but when I meet a fan, I have to feign smile. We are role models, and we should always remember that.“

On same sex marriage and whether the government should allow people the freedom to decide their sex cravings, she said, “I don’t blame anybody that decides to be gay, and we all have reasons for making our choices. Whoever wants to do it should go ahead and do it. But for me, I do wouldn’t support the government legalize it.

I’m yoruba, our culture and morals doesn’t support it. Not even our religion.”

When asked if she had been wooed by a Lezbaian before she responded,

“Yes, i have been wooed, before by a lezbian. She is a new friend on my BBM contact, she’s was always nice and checking up on me for a while, until she pinged me on particular day and asked, ‘Do you do women’, i was quick to reply her, ‘please i don’t o, i do not have what can attract my fellow woman’, she stopped bothering me since then. Even though she is still on my contact.” Seyi quipped.

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