My Dad Raised His Voice At Me because I Had B3 in mathematics- Jumoke Aderounmu

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Delectable Adejumoke Aderounmu is fast becoming a signature for assiduousness. She switches effortlessly between being an Actor, prolific TV and Radio personality. If you have seen movies such as ‘Arugba’, ‘Awa Obinrin’, ‘Dazzling Mirage’, ‘Ka Sise bi Eru’, ‘Asise Eda’, ‘Alakada2’ and so on, you would be thrilled at her dexterity at role interpretation. In this interview with Seunmanuel Faleye, she talks her personality, career and other sundry issues, enjoy the excerpts.

How would you describe what your brand Represent?jumoke ade2

I’m an upcoming brand focused on positivity, professionalism to the core and consistency.

Why do you shy away from the media?

May be because I am in the media too, I understand how the media works. I just shy away from anything I don’t want to be a associated with. I’m a shy person though, that’s what most people do not know about me. Howbeit i push myself beyond limit to do what would bring in the money for me. But if it is what I can’t stand in front of my parents to say I did, I wouldn’t go near it. It is not a noise making exercise at the end of the day. I just believe in letting your work speak for you.

What was your experience like on ARUGBA the job that was your entrant into the industry?

The job that brought me mainstream was ARUGBA (2009) a Tunde Kelani Movie. It was a very interesting and quite fascinating experience, considering the fact that I wasn’t treated like it was my first time, even though i was. I didn’t just land the role; it was a process for me. I went in for audition, I auditioned for the character of ARUGBA, but unfortunately I didn’t fit the character. You know when a director and writer create stories; they have a picture of what every character should look like in terms of physical build and mental representation. The director wanted a tall, ebony dark skinned lady with theatric background. So TK told me to go and read the script and check out any role I think I could fit into. Interesting enough they had already started filming two months into production before he called me up and told me to come play PRINCESS OMOBANDELE a 14 year old character, he invited me to the location in Abeokuta.

How about the Job that brought you main stream.

The job that put me in the ‘can’t walk’ on the street position is ALAKADA’ 2 a Toyin Aimaku Johnson film. We met on the set of “ASISE EDA”, that was the first time I was meeting Toyin. I had seen ALAKADA part one before then, so when we met on set I told her I appreciated the job ALAKADA but that I felt there should be sequel to it. Somehow I was able to talk her into the idea, even though she had shot ALAKADA about four years earlier than that. I just tweeted about it and people were very positive about their response. So she said she would think about it. And after a while her script writer called me up. And then we went on to shoot ALAKADA 2 in Ibadan.

Are there roles you cannot play as an actor?

Picking a role for me has never been about me. It must always be about production standards. Once I read it and fall in love with the character I would take it anytime. I could choose roles based on brands involved. I’m not interested in being on every job; one good job is enough to carry an actor for as long as 15years. If I fall in love with a role, it takes almost forever for me to get out of the role. The truth about me is that I enter roles before I get on set and it gives me another personality different from the real me that people know.

Do you agree that controversy help builds and actors career?

Honestly, I don’t want to be associated with any negative news. I don’t buy into controversy.

What was growing up like for you.

My family was a close knit one. I was privileged to be raised by one of the strongest women ever. Those that knew late Mrs. Aderounmu knew she was a strong woman. We were brought up in such a way that all were needed was in the house. When my mum was going out she would lock us from us from out side till she comes. That’s why till date my siblings are my best friends. The first time my dad raised his voice at me was when I wrote my final exams in secondary school and I had B3 in Mathematics. He was very disappointed. He lectured mathematics at some points in UI. Generally I had a much disciplined childhood. My mum probably knew she would leave us soon so she built a very strong personality out of us.



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