TONTO DIKE-I will not Stop my Child From Having a Tattoo

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When looking for that celebrity who has a thick skin for criticism, you don’t need to search further when you pick Tonto Dike.

For the Actor cum singer her happiness is pivotal, and she wouldn’t compromise it your opinion about her notwithstanding.

In a recent interview on radio, ‘The Truth,’ the actress spoke on some sundry issues making the rounds about her lately, including the fact the light skinned actress has over 10 tattoos,

Tonto explained that tattoo is something she loves and she is not always happy when people begin to criticize her for having them. She posits that if her daughters chose to have any on their body, she would never be bothered about their decision.

In her words , “I have a lot of tattoos, I have more than 10. What is good? Tattoo is something that I love and I do not like it when people criticize because you are seeing differently from what I do. It’s my body, it’s something that I love, it’s an expression of my heart, it’s the expression of my pain, it actually represent something to me. I don’t know what you do behind close doors, but this is my own close doors. You can’t see them because they are decently hidden but at the end of the day, they are my tattoos and I am proud of them and I’m gonna show my children and it is their decision if they want to or if they do not want to.” She told Olisa popular On Air Personality.

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