I Want to Die on a Film Set – Victor Olaotan

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Distinctly characterized by a bushy grey hair and goatee beards, Victor Olaotan is one actor that has continued to evolve with the different phases of the movie industry in Nigeria. With an acting career spanning over four decades, he is one of the good old actors who started on stage before transcending to Screen .

The Fred Ade-Williams star of Tinsel fame said he admired Show Biz growing up;

“Basically it’s my upbringing that accounts for it I was born in Lafiaji, Lagos. I am a 2nd or 3rd generation Lagosian. And growing up I have always admired being in showbiz.  I grew up in the days of late Bobby Benson, Victor Olaiya, show men of those days Fatai Rolling Dollars, Funsho Adeolu, Adeolu Akinsanya (Baba Eto), Fela was just coming up then.

“He used to come to my neighborhood to come and date a lady. He used to fly his collar. I use to admire his stylishness, his attitude, his character until he became the Fela that everybody came to know.”

On why he hasn’t retired from active from acting, the 63 year old told city people magazine;

“I have come to realized that in this showbizness there is actually no retirement. Like the Yoruba people say Ariya Ko Lopin, Ojo Iku Ni Ojo Isinmi. And that is the life of a showman. And if you are in Entertainment and Showbiz business, I don’t think there is retirement, even abroad.

“All these actors keep going until one day you hear they died. I think I am probably going to die in action. God giving me the grace to grow old, gracefully and not have any ailment. Currently I have no ailments and I thank God for that”.

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