Save Group Commiserate with the Family OF Late AJIGIJAGA; Re-Assures Commitment to Being the Vanguard For a Structured Movie Industry In Nigeria.

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The Executives, Members & Board of Trustees of Save Group wish to sincerely register our profound and deepest condolencies to the families, friends, fans and colleagues of Mr Muftau Sanni a.k.a Ajigijaga.

We regret the situation that surrounded his death and wish to again re-assert that film making is non-pensionable though very dignifying and lucrative, hence, top and hard-working players are not meant to go through the frugal living standards, hitherto penury at any time especially at their old ages.
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Piracy is a problem in the movie industry, but from our research and findings, focusing on piracy without the Nigeria Film Corporation(NFC) thinking of how to ‘RESTRUCTURE’ the industry itself(creating a door) is like treating the problem and not the cause.

We in Save Group are passionate about the collective social well being of all film makers and streaming out constructive ideas, propose pieces of legislation and pragmatic moves that will restore the dignity of the movie industry and so on. We are binded to the project #SAVENIGERIAMOVIEINDUSTRY and we will ensure we see this to a logical end. The spirit of those that have gone to places beyond but feel the need for the survival and efficacy of our struggle will see us through. Adeiu Ajigijaga, Adeiu Broken Bottle. You are always loved and will be greatly missed.

Signed for Team Save Group:

Keji Yusuf( Mrs)
Director of Media & Publicity(PRO)

Gabriel Afolayan
Director of Secretariat & Comms

Yomi Fabiyi

Laja Hubert-Ogunde
Member, BOT

Yemi Solade
Consultant & Member, BOT.

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