Don’t blame Parents For Your Failure – Liz Anjorin

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Some people are in the habit of blaming their failure in life on their parent’s inadequacies. Beautiful actress Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin popular for her on screen name as Liz Anjorin has opined that no one should blame their parent for making wrong choices, they are only human like every other persons.

Speaking on Your View a television talk show earlier today monitored by, the actor cum singer posited that anyone is an individual like their (Parent)mother and should strive to correct whatever they think were the mistakes their parents made.

“Most times I’m usually not there for my daughter like I ought to be. I just tell her; ‘dear I’m sorry I am not there for you like I should be. You have to be strong for yourself, and understand this is my life I am living. You should correct that and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes with your kids too’.

If all you want to do is just stay and continue blaming or criticizing your mother for what they did wrong, You are on your own. They are living their lives, live yours too”. the actress said.

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