Ekpe Young Bassey – An Actor Only Dies When He Goes 6ft below the Ground

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The entrant of new crops of handsome and beautiful talented actors with flawless role interpreting skills flooding our movie industry have been said to be posing a big threat to some old horns in the industry and sending them into extinction as they no longer land movie scripts like they used to.

Reacting to that assertion, in a recent interview with BestOfNollywood.tv veteran Nollywood actor Keppy Bassey Ekpenyong posits that young actors cannot be treat to older once. As a matter of fact it is only evident that the home grown movie industry is evolving and growing.

“Young actors cannot be threat to older ones. As a matter of fact they look up to us for mentorship. The industry is like the sky, it is wide enough to accommodate everyone. The Only time an actor truly dies is when he is six feet below ground level.” the actor remarked.

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