Leaked BBM Message: Shai is Ranting over nothing – Funmi Awelewa Reacts

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The ongoing tiff between delectable Yoruba actors Seyi Edun aka Shai and Funmi Awelewa over the leaked broadcast message of a supposed ‘gossip’ seem to be unending.

EXCLUSIVE Funmi Awelewa, Shai Others At War Of Words Over Leaked BlackBerry Broadcast Message

Reacting to the allegation, Funmi Awelewa said; “What I will just say is that people should please read the content of the said broadcast message and tell me where I said anything wrong about Shai. She is just making a big deal out of nothing. I am focused on building my career. I don’t want to be labeled a controversial actress.

“I have been told not to say anything about this. So what I will just say is if for people to read and try to understand the content of the message and tell me where I backstabbed Shai. Let us face it; it is a normal thing where Ladies are there will always be gist and discussions.

“This month makes it the second year I lost my dad. I have a lot on my head not Shai. Like she said, I’m upcoming in the industry. I’m focused on building my career. I’m a graduate of University of Ibadan, this is cheap publicity, and I won’t have anyone drag my name on the ground.

“Even my mum sitting next to me here, has warned me not to say anything about the issue. If Shai has an issue with me, I expect her to pick her phone and call me to talk things over not sending broadcasts referring me to me as enemy that God Is exposing” the actress said.

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