Joe Benjamin inspires youth with his grass to grace story

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Apart from his charming looks, another thing you can not take away from Joseph Benjamin is his expressiveness and aplomb. His choice of words flutters the heart.

The Kogi state born actor who is planning to publish the grass to grace story of his life in a book, shared thoughts from his ‘quiet time’ to inspire everyone this morning.

Read him yourself…

“Folks have asked me, how far, friends have asked me how far. People have tried to calculate my earnings, seeing I am a constant face in cinema flicks. I am the Host of the most successful music reality show in West Africa. My family has even said you must be earning millions. The demands have increased, when I tell them it is not all you think it is. I tell them do not be deceived by the hype and the whole razzmatazz. We sell an illusion to the people and sometimes we live that illusion.

“I have decided to be true to myself, I will be contended with the much God has given to me. They say when are you going to get your own endorsement, a lot of these young chaps who you started the business before have gotten multiple endorsements, you have not even gotten one. What are you doing man, what is your strategy. At a point I had questioned God and said, have I not been faithful, I started my acting career from tales by moonlight, have I not paid my dues.I am not one who is influenced by society or pressured to live in a certain way.

“When will the fat cheques begin to flow in, when will I get my own endorsement. Have I not maintained an unsoiled brand and personality. He says to me, have you been surviving by any man’s provision, has your life been sustained by any endorsement. Have I not kept you, have I not sustained you. Look at your life today, there was a time you worked as bakery attendant, baking bread in Ikeja, you worked as a security guard with Corporate Guards owned by Wale Akinboboye, you sold female shoes in Balogun market, you worked as a waiter in Calabash Restaurant on Ozumba Mbadiwe, you worked as a bus conductor, Ojuelegba-Ikeja route, you were homeless living in and incomplete building for while was I not there with you through it all.

“I am the same God that took you from nothing and made you a celebrated individual today. I will yet perfect all that concerns you life. No man has a say over you. Moral of the story, wait on God. Good morning.”

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