DRY: Cinema Goers Rate STEPHANIE LINUS’s Film High

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Stephanie Linus’s new film Dry which was premiered  on Sunday the 2nd of August, has been getting thumbs up and accolades from movie goers and film critiques.

Written, produced, directed by Stephanie Linus. drynew14 drynew15

DRY is a true story that follows a trail of Zara’s (Stephanie Linus) trip to Africa, her constant turmoil as a result of inexplicable horrors from her child hood, her experiences and heartaches while working with young girls suffering from complications from early child birth as child brides, against the backdrop of a rich African culture. Full of intrigue, suspense, unbelievable surprises, the joy of reconciliation and the power of the human spirit that assures movie goers a good time.

You should see it too.

dryydryyrdryyr1 dryyryrSome more pictures from the set…















Watch the trailer…



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