Divorce: Toyin Aimakuh drops Niyi’s Surname, as Niyi Packs out of their lekki home

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The celebrated marriage of Nollywood actors Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson has finally hit the rock. The erstwhile couple have have now gone their separate ways, as Niyi Johnson have packed out of their Lekki home.

Toyin has now reverted to her maiden name, on her recent Instagram post, the actress used the hash tag ‘#MissToyinAimaku.

BestofNollywood.tv also noticed that the actress has also brought down all the pictures of her hubby including the ones they snapped together.

The reasons for this recent development are still unclear, when BestOfNollywood.tv put a call through to Toyin Aimakuh, her number was not going through, and Niyi Johnson was not answering his calls.

There has always been speculations that the marriage will not endure on several grounds including;


the fact that the wife is the bread winner of the home;Toyin unconsciously asserts more authority. Most times, she wants her decisions to be final, a development that doesn’t augur well with Johnson. This has caused quarrel between them several times, with the husband insisting that as an African man, he should be calling the shots, no matter what.

The past is an hunting shadow; Before Toyin got married to Johnson, she was alleged to have had several miscarriages a couple of times in her previous relationship. But this time around, she hasn’t been blessed with the fruit of the womb. This has prompted close family members of the husband to be sceptical about the lifespan of the union. It is a development that has equally generated concerns in Toyin’s family.

 Niyi cheats on his wife; Johnson has been caught severally engaging in extra-marital affairs. A source close to Toyin said the actress is more embarrassed because her husband prefers to sleep around with ladies that are lower to her class.

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