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Actress Mide Martins had the movie Abike launched at a well attended event.

You staged a classy movie launch a couple of weeks back. How does it feel?

It feels very good. I am extremely happy. I thank God for the success. I have never done such before. The turnout was massive. I am grateful to everyone that came. I am also grateful to God as well.

How much did it cost to put it together?

Do you expect me to tell you all that? It cost a lot of money.

What inspired the movie Abike and what is it all about?

Everything about Abike is the Lord’s doing. It is not a true life story. I got the inspiration sometime back. Abike is a troublesome house wife who is crazy about her husband. She doesn’t want any woman close to him. The irony of it is that, the husband is a celebrity. At times, the wife prevents him from attending functions.

Are you showing it in the cinema or releasing it on DVD?

I am not showing it in cinema. It is already online. It will soon be out on DVD.

How do you hope to recoup the money invested in it?

So far so good, People have been supporting me during the event and even after. The online thing is another way to make back my money.

How are you coping, now that movies are not selling like before?

We are managing. I know the movie industry is not doing well like before, but God is helping us. God has been good to me.

What alternative business do you have?

I don’t have any one yet. One thing about our job is that, if you are really determined to be an actor, you have to devote your time to it. My job is what I have now. I am still a full time actor.

It is alleged that, when an actor launches a movie, it takes eternity to come out. How true is this?

Abike will be released next month. I decided to put it online first. It wouldn’t take time before the DVD will be out.

A lot of rumours are flying about your marriage, what is the truth about it?

I don’t expect people to still be peddling the rumour. I have been to so many occasions with my husband. He was at the premiere too. We have been going out together. I am not separated from my husband. We live together. We are still very much married.

There was a time you had challenges in your marriage?

I have never faced such. We have been married for 12 years. We have not been separated for once. They are bad belle people. I don’t know what the whole rumour is all about . I can’t imagine what brought about the rumour.

Some people alleged that your husband worked with your mother as her keeper?

He was her manager.

What attracted him to you?

That is personal and private. I love my husband the way he is.

People believed you married him because he worked with your mother?

You must have a particular reason for marrying a man. I prefer to keep that to myself. But I will say, my husband stood by me when my mother passed on. Apart from God, he assisted me. I am what I am today because of his help.

Do you feel fulfilled being his wife?

I am happy with him. I am comfortable. If I am not, I wouldn’t be with him now. I am very comfortable with him.

Your husband is a muslim, do you also practice Islamic religions?

No, I am a Christian.

How do you keep your home together since you practice different religions?

Relationship is about understanding and agreement. We are in a civilized world. It is not easy to switch like that. Learning the Quran and rudiments of the other religion is not easy. My husband understands me and loves me that way. We pray together. He will bring out his mat and I will use my scarf, we will pray in our understanding.

How many children is your marriage blessed with?

We have two girls, Omotolani and Anu.

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