Ay slams juliet ibrahim marketer,Ready for lawsuit

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2015-09-20-13-28-25-1986299025imagesAyo makun is an otherwise calm gentleman but he is angry and upset at the moment over the way the marketer of juliet ibrahim movie No 1 fan is trying to twist the title of the movie from number 1 fan to inspector Ay,Angry Ay issued this statement this morning


DISCLAIMER  I have recently discovered that a Nigerian movie marketer has resorted to fraudulent way to market his movie. The movie is actually titled ‘The Number One Fan’ but the marketer has chosen to rename the movie ‘Inspector Ay’ to deceive Nigerians into buying the movie.

This is to formally disassociate myself and brand from the title being used to deceive Nigerians. I only acted as a supporting actor in the movie. But this marketer has chosen this deceptive means to market the movie.

Please be rest assured that I plan to use all legal instruments available within the country’s copyright laws to correct this illegality.

We contacted juliet ibrahim for her response but she in turn refereed us to the marketer who didn’t pick his call till press time.

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