VIdeo: Watch Stanlee Ohikhuare’s experimental film Where All Actors Speak Different Languages

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Stanlee Ohikhuare is one talented Nigerian film maker who is popular for his short films. The filmmaker has shared the video of his unscripted and unplanned film, titled ‘Payback.’

The movie which is a move towards the preservation of Nigeria’s native dialects, is subtitled in English forconformity.

‘Payback’ is an unplanned and unscripted film which was shot when Ohikhuare was paid a courtsey visit by some actors.

In an interview with Smart Monkey TV, the filmmaker had mentioned his wish to create  a Novel Film Style, where all the actors would communicates convincingly, speaking different languages.

The movie features the characters speaking five distinct languages; Yoruba, Efik, Igbo, Edo and Pidgin English.

See Video:


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