BUHARI’S MINISTERIAL LIST: Charles Novia Queries Youth Exclusion

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By Seunmanuel Faleye

Veteran filmmaker, Charles Novia has lend a voice alongside countless Nigerians that are not comfortable with the exclusion of youths from the recently released ministerial list by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The ministerial list of have since been greeted with criticisms from Nigerians who feels the youths is being marginalized; according to Mr. Novia, the list is one to make one laugh and he wonders if this was what the President held on to for about four months.

He opined that he expressed his shock that there was no youth inclusion in the list but same old faces.

“This Ministerial list. Hehehehehe. I no fit laugh o. We waited 4 months holding warm cups of coffee to now drink tepid tea! Hehehehe. And the list sef, no young person at all in the Cabinet. Chai! The Geriatrics are the Leaders of Today; the Youths are the Mugus of tomorrow.” He Opined.

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