Int day of Girl child! Laide Bakare wants female children rights protected (read full statement)

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  1. Today 11th of October is the International day of the Girl Child and I wanna use this moment to share my thoughts on somethings going on in our immediate society and Nigeria in particular. Most times when I see videos, pictures or hear stories about how a young girl was given away for marriage or how an underage girl was raped by her father, uncle or some strangers it breaks my heart and I weep internally for the ills going on. Simply means a young girl has been deprived the rights of education, the right to have a voice and the right to have self esteem amongst other privileged girls. Today, I celebrate with women and girls all over the world. Those who have stood their grounds to fight against all ills preventing the rights of the Girl child. Today I pledge my total support to always air my voice for the struggles of the Girl child. At Laide Bakare Foundation, we put our minds and effort to support the eradication of VVF which is mostly caused as a result of early marriages and hence preventing the education of these young vulnerable girls. Who do we blame? The parents, the societies, the government or? Only if we live in a society that fully protects the rights of women. We will keep airing our voices. Once again, I celebrate with the women and girls all over the world and to those powerful women and girls across the globe fighting for the rights of women. God bless you all. L.B.O #DayOfTheGirlChild #LaideBakareFoundation #StopEarlyChildMarriages #EducateTheGirlChild #FightAgainstVVF #ProtectTheGirls #LoveAllChildren #Family #Love #Girls #LaideBakareFoundation #PeaceAndLove

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