Sat Special! I can act completely Nude Pamela igberase

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If there is anything that distinguishes fast-rising Nollywood actress, Pamela Igberaese, from the pack, it is the quality she brings to her craft. Her interpretation of various roles over time makes you willing to suspend your disbelief and enjoy what is a great theatrical experience.

Hers is a story of hard work and consistency. This week she spoke to us about her sojourn in Nollywood as you will read in the excerpts below

Tell us about yourself?

Pamela Igberaese is an Esan born actress from Edo state,she had her primary and secondary education in benin city,did her diploma in uniben and later completed her degree in  political science at Ambrose Alli University ekpoma,Edo state,Nigeria,Pamela is the second child from the  family of 4,3girls and a boy.


How was growing up like for you?

From a God fearing background,lost my dad at a very tender age but blessed with a wonderful mother who was very strict,but taught us to have the fear of God


Tell us about your evolution into


Acting Is something I have passion for right from my secondary school days,I love to act and am also proud of nollywood,they are really improving,I love to act,it makes me happy when people can learn from my movies, and so far,Nollywood has been really good with our movies selling fast around the world


What motivates you to act?

I have passion for acting,I just love to act,and I feel lucky because I get to take over other people’s lives for my job.  I feel I bring out the real pamela in acting and its my talent


Who is your favourite actor?

My favourite is RMD


How long have you been Acting?

Not quite long,I started acting last year ever since then have done couple of movie jobs.


What kind of roles do you prefer?

I prefer ghetto role


Why Ghetto?

Its real,you are allowed to show the real african that you are. Its natural and you can just be you.


What challenges have you come across since you started acting ?

Wow!a lot…the stress of moving from one place to another,meeting and mingling with different kind of people and trying to do your job well to impress the viewers. Its like you’re the phoenix,trying to get out of those ashes. But just the joy of knowing how my acting influences the lives of others and the encouragement from my family and friends helps me to keep pushing through


How do you intend to find your place in the industry?

I will work hard, be focused and take

any opportunity that comes my way.


What does love mean to you?

Love is when you have geniue feelings for someone.


What part of your body do you think is your selling point?

My figure Then my


Can you act nude if yes why and if no why?

No…can’t act completely nude because that doesn’t portray a real african woman,as a woman we suppose to have dignity and our culture doesn’t permit that,we don’t have to imitate the western world


How daring are you in romance movies?

Daring..yeah but to an extent


Which actor would you like to be paired in romance movies?

Bryan okwara


Have you ever been sexually harassed?

Yes but not in the movie industry

Do you have any project you are working on currently?


Tell us about it?

Is a ghetto movie,a must watch. It will be out soon


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years,I will be a star,I feel it will be one of my greatest accomplishment. I  want to have my clothing line then will be married. Family is very important to me in every sense. I definitely hope to have that gift in my life someday.


What do you have to tell your fans?

I love them all and a big thank you cos if not for them,I won’t be here

Do you have any words of advice for other

aspiring actors?

Yes,they should never give up,it might be difficult at the beginning but never quit,hard work is the key


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