Radio station, movie project: Chocolate City plans big for 2016

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President of Chocolate City Group, Audu Maikori has revealed in a recent interview that there are plans to release a Chocolate City movie in 2016.

The entertainment mogul and lawyer explained in an interview with YNaija that the proposed movie project is part of the media group’s expansion moves.

In his words; “You’ll be expecting a Chocolate City movie next year and of course the soundtrack of the movie would be done by Chocolate City music”.

He further explained that the movie project is one of many plans of the organization to become a media conglomerate.

Maikori asserted: “We are working on a structure and a radio station as well”.

The 40-year-old the former CEO of the music subsidiary of the company; Chocolate city music, also took the opportunity to set the record straight, regarding his role in the company.

Maikori said he still remains a big part of the label, even though he recently stepped down from the helm of affairs.

When asked if the record label was signing more acts, he confirmed affirmatively saying “Yes we are”.

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