Breakup Rummors!Kayode Salako takes to instgram to respond says foluke is made just for him

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Mr Olukayode Salako, Husband to TopActress, Foluke Daramola Salako has come to her defense to stop people from criticizing and castigating their marriage. The couple got married on February 15, 2013 but their union has continued to face several criticism with harsh words thrown at the couple.


Mr Olukayode isn’t too happy with all this and he expressed his feeling in this detailed message shared via his Instagram page.


He wrote, ” If a man or a woman divorces and decided to get married again he or she has not committed any sin. After all, our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ also came to this world through Mary, another man’s- to- be wife. Mary was already engaged to be married to Joseph the carpenter before God got her pregnant to give birth to Jesus Christ. So, Mary bore Jesus Christ for God and still went ahead to give birth other children for Joseph. Why Mary and not another single virgin woman Gallilie?

Why? God is just telling mankind that marriage is not part of his criteria to judge the world. Nothing concerns God with who you decide to marry and how. Nothing concerns God with your marriage!

Several examples of marriages God would have condemned abound in the bible. But which he didn’t complain about or criminalize the operators.

All the people God loved so dearly in the bible were not monogamists. Solomon wasn’t and neither was Abraham and king David and co. were not as well. But they were still loved by God.

So, keep your own believe to yourself. And leave your life the way you like it. And leave mine alone!

Foluke Daramola-Salako is right and will ever be right to be married again and again to who ever she finds okay for her. And if the marriage must have to be sustained or not, it is still about us and not your damaging rumours…Please, leave her alone. If God did not condemn those we thought he ought to, then mind your own business…

Just like Jesus said in the bible, let he who is equally a saint or without blemish cast the first stone…”



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