Yomi fabiyi issues statement on behalf of Toyin Aimaku says no one beat her

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Recall we did a post yestrday on Toyin,Early saturday Yomi fabiyi issued this statement on her behalf

Toyin Aimakhu NOT beaten. She has been on a movie set in Surulere till this moment on Friday night 09:32pm. Guys should please respect the ever hardworking young girl and not escalate things. As a matter of fact, such news unsettled some of us her friends and family. Not until we reached out to her and got confirmation she is ok and nothing of assault or beating ever happened to her from anyone. In as much I don’t hold brief for my friends on some personal issues, I reckon linking her to another man based on mere assumptions without any of them testifying to this or something substantial to assert may be rendering whatever efforts we have putting before the emotionally disturbed friend futile. I can only appeal for caution in this context as I won’t expect anyone to intentionally make trouble with such figment of an imagination or so. While thanking you guys in advance for your co-operation, please be assured of my continued regards and respect to the media and blogging communities. Toyin has kind words for her ever loving and supporting fans who remain loyal to her in this trying period. She is saying thank you. Yomi Fabiyi @yomifabiyi

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