If James Bond were to be Nigerian; Who would it be?

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Have you ever imagined a Nigerian Bond? Have you ever imagined an African adaptation of the Bond franchise? Who do you think can bring the character to life?

We have heard of African adaptations of hit foreign series and movies like “Desperate Housewives Africa,” Robinhood” among others.

Recently, Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekehinde spoke on playing Bond girl,and a Nigerian playing 007.

Watching the interview had me thinking “so, if it ever happens, and we were to have a Nigerian Bond, then who would he be?”


First, we must understand that playing Ian Fleming’s 007’s persona is not something that can easily be portrayed on screen.

It’s not something that comes with having the abs or just being “light skinned.”

Going by the standard of the previous and present 007, I think you won’t be judged for doubting the availability of a Nollywood actor with what it takes to portray Bond on screen.

Do we have actors disciplined, dedicated and talented enough to bring the character to life?

Do we have actors as suave as Pierce Brosnan or as elegant as Sean Connery, stylishly arrogant, quick witted, yet not too dramatic (let’s save the drama for our typical Nollywood films.)

I got to ask some Nigerians who they think could play Bond in an African adaptation, or in the international franchise. I got responses like “Nobody,” “it’s not even possible to have a Nigerian Bond,” and the likes of them.

I thought of some names, and I realized I couldn’t imagine lots of our very young actors interpreting the role, but then I could think of lots of female actors who could play the Bond girl.

Yes, we can’t know what they are capable of until they have been given the opportunity, but we can at least ‘imagine’ what they can do based on their past performances on screen.

I thought of Richard Mofe Damijo. His character in the 2005 movie “Darkest Night” alongside his looks and charisma, makes him a great choice.

jbn3If only we were having this discussion 10 years ago, when he was younger and everything.

Someone is probably thinking Jim Iyke. He is naturally a great actor, but then, would he be organised enough to deliver and perfectly interpret the 007 character?

jbn4Saint Obi? If we had made a Nigerian version of the 007 series ten years ago, then the actor would have been the perfect choice.

From the days of “State of Emergency” to “Sensational Spy,” Saint Obi is one actor who had what it takes to be James Bond.

jbn6Ramsey Nouah is my perfect choice. He is one actor who has the looks,  the Bond persona, and the much needed acting skills.

And looking at his performance in “Tempting Fate,” with his boyish good looks and lethal fighting skills, he would be a very effective Bond.

jbn7Chidi Mokeme is witty, suave and dashing – the trademark qualities of James Bond, so yes, Mokeme is one actor who could play 007.

jbn8Chris Attoh is cool, calm and collected. I could easily imagine the actor  in a tuxedo ordering a martini, and handling his women.

Gorgeous and incredibly talented, I would love to see Attoh fighting off some Bond villains.

jbn9Have you ever imagined a Nigerian Bond? Have you ever imagined an African adaptation of the Bond franchise? Who do you think can bring the character to life?

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