Read the Emotional birthday message of Regina Chukwu to her son

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A special birthday shoutout to my son Richard Maduabuchi Nwafor, your birthdays remains a special one for me cos it brings about those memories, at first it use to be with mixed emotions but as time passed,I began to see God in every step of the way. Mixed emotions then cos it always remind me of your father (my late hubby) on his sick bed and those difficult days. It started before you were even born and with the little you in my hands, I spent the better part of your early days as a baby struggling with taking care of you,taking ur father in and out of the hospital and also managing my small business by the road side (bless my mum for taking Rachael at that time)it wasn’t easy for the young me at that time, it’s an experience I don’t wish even my worst enemy,thank God for the strong you, you never gave me any cos to worry about you, you kept growing strong even when you never get to experience the kind of life a baby should be experiencing. I held you by my side and we went through all the hardship together. You were there with me when your father took his last breath, you were just 4months old then, I remember that day vividly(story for another day) Richard  as you grow older, you look so much like your father, *the resemblance is striking* I bless God for your life. we have grown very close that you are tagged Mummy’s boy lol. I could never ask for a better son. You and your sister are  just the best any mother could wish for, even when i decided to go into acting and I have to be away for days sometimes weeks, you remained the best kids that you are, always very supportive,my #1 fan in whole world, I could go on and on cos am blessed and most grateful to God for making you clock 13 in good health. Rachael and i celebrate you today. Happy birthday son, I love you so very much and I pray that I shall never morn over you and your sister, keeper of children will continue to keep you for me, wisdom and understanding God will grant you, your father was an only son, you will be more than a million sons.i will live to witness your success IJN.IMG-20151210-WA0006IMG_20151210_221022Rea

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