How I manage my Acting and haulage business Juwon Quadri

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How I manage acting & haulage business,’ rising actress, Juwon Quadri speaks

Rising actress, Oluwajuwon Quadri has revealed how she has managed her haulage business and acting career without hassles.

The UK based actress, who is also a mother and wife revealed that both jobs come to her easily and one doesn’t disturb the other.

Oluwajuwon, who is currently shooting two movies entitled ‘Adanwo Nla’ and ‘Igboran’ with appearances from Tunde Owokoniran, Femi Adebayo, Liz Da Silva and others, began her Nollywood journey some years back.

To her credit are self produced flicks that include Fikemi, Ewawunmi, Etan. The movies are products of Olajuwon’s production company; Jaywon Production.

Armed with a charming face, the actress disclosed that she had a natural passion for acting and after many years of nurturing her passion, she decided to invest in movie production, with a movie called Fikemi, marketed by Okiki films, starring Funsho Adeolu, Tunde Owokoniran and directed by Kunle Afod.

Unknown to many, Oluwajuwon is the CEO of TGL Logistics company based in London.

On the most challenging role she has ever played, the actress cum producer said, ‘there were a lot of sexual tones, which was quite challenging in the movie, ‘Fikemi’, but I had to be professional, and played my role to the best of my knowledge.’

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